Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Teagan and "Nick-Nick"

I shared some about this picture on Instagram earlier but I felt like I didn't do it justice. A few months ago Teagan was chased by a dog that lived (they moved, we didn't kill her, just FYI) on our road. She was indeed a puppy in every sense of the word. She was playful and rambunctious and didn't listen to a word anybody said to her; including the word STOP. We were playing out in the yard one pretty fall day and the pup "came over to play" (she was always loose). Teagan apparently looked like the most fun out of us four and so the pup decided a game of chase would be best. She jumped to get Teagan running and Teagan ran. Teagan ran and the pup followed her thinking it was truly a game of chase, except Teagan was petrified and screaming and crying the entire time. I had Kyra in my arms and Josh started toward her after we realized she was terrified and not doing her fake "I'm having so much fun I'm going to scream bloody murder" cry. Thankfully I married a man whose legs are as long as I am tall and he got to her quickly but it felt like it took him years to rescue our sweet girl. I was in tears as Josh swooped her up to comfort her. Since then she has had a severe fear of dogs both small and large. On Saturday, it seemed like some of that fear dissipated and all was right with the world. Teagan loved on Nick-Nick the entire day, making sure that anytime he passed she rubbed him or told him she loved him. Once again, tears came to my eyes as I said a little "Thank You".

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