Friday, June 25, 2010

5 months!

Time really is flying by quickly. When I was younger all I wanted was to be a mommy. It was one of the few things I've always been absolutely sure of in my life. One of the only things I always knew was supposed to happen. Now, here I am 5 months into being a mommy and although it's not the easiest task in the world it is by far the most rewarding and natural thing in the world to me.
Every morning I almost run into Teagan's room to lift her from her crib and snuggle her before we sit down in the rocking chair that her daddy was rocked in and her grandma redid for her and I feed her. Sometimes I snuggle her so much that she fusses but I can't help but want to love on her and just breathe her in until I lose my breath. I've never loved another human being other than Josh the way I love our baby girl. Even then it's a different kind of love. Everyday I realize more and more how much my mommy loves me because my heart almost bursts with the love I have for my Teagan.

Anyway, before I get even more carried away here are some 5 months stats on baby Teagan!

*12.8lbs and 25inches long (still long and skinny like her daddy's side of the family!)

*still in 3 month clothes unless it's a dress...her middle is so skinny that she can't fit into most 3-6 month stuff yet and she's too long for the 0-3 dresses so she is in 3-6 in dresses!

*started rice cereal on her first trip to the beach. She doesn't like the rice cereal too much so the doctor told us we can go ahead and try the "yellows and oranges" and see how she does.

*recently had to start supplementing with formula in her daycare bottle...only an ounce a day though! Other then the 1 oz she is exclusively nursing still.

*is getting better and better at the exer-saucer. Can turn all the way around and can manipulate each toy!

*just had her first ear infection...on her 5 month birthday! She is taking the amoxicilan (sp) and actually loves the flavor! haha! I am amazed at how sweet she still is even when she is sick!

*can support all of her weight now. She likes to hold our fingers and stand (not walk)

*has finally "laughed" for real! Up until a week ago she would "cough" laugh but we got a real giggle out of her a 2 weeks ago!

*her "vocabulary" is increasing and there are new sounds coming out of her mouth every day!

There are so many more things going on in her life now because she is constantly changing. Although, I must say, she is consistenly sweet and our love for her grows more and more each day.