Thursday, October 13, 2011

39 weeks

One. More. Week. Until the due date...

We are 39 weeks today! I went to the doctor yesterday and everything looks great.  My weight has basically stopped going up (normal for right now), my blood pressure is great and even more important the baby's heart beat is good and strong! We haven't made any "progress" which isn't that surprising.  Dr. W says he won't be surprised if I go all at once like I did with Teagan.  So, the fact that I haven't dialated any yet isn't a problem and I shouldn't be discouraged. 
The game plan as of right now is just wait. Dr. W is going to let me go over 7 days.  When we hit the due date he is going to break my water, strip my membranes and basically do what he can to naturally help things along.  With a VBAC they don't like to medically induce (pitocin) so we went ahead and scheduled a c-section for October 27th.  Luckily it's scheduled with Dr. J the same doc that rocked my first c-section for me!  I'm okay with the possibility and so is Josh.  It's actually pretty exciting.  We have a date that Baby Bear will be here by!
As for now...we wait. And maybe eat a few oreos in the meantime...

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