Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Teagan & Matilda

Teagan and Matilda go to school together.  They've basically been together since day one (give or take a few days).  They've rolled over within days of each other. They've stood up within days of each other. They took their first step within days of each other.  They have both been the smallest babies for a while.  They both love shoes. They both have the cutest smile. Matilda has more hair then Teagan and Teagan is starting to increase the height gap between them.  They've started looking for each other in the mornings and can't seem to understand why the other isn't there if somebody is running late.  Another special thing they share is their birthday.  Sweet huh?
The only problem was...the birthday parties. 
Matilda's mom and I didn't want either one of them to miss the other's birthday party. After all, they turned ONE and it wasn't their fault they were born on the same day! So, Matilda's party was at 11:30 and Teagan's was at 2:00.  We made the trek to Matilda's house and back in time for Teagan's party and Matilda & her mom made the trek to Teagan's b'day party after Matilda's was over. 

Here are some pictures from Matilda's party: