Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bringing in the New Year with amazing friends.

Our New Years Eve and Day were spent just the way we wanted.  With family and friends who are considered family.
We had a sleepover with The Heavner's to ring in the New Year in.  Our attire consisted of PJs.  Our spread was wings, salsa and fried pickles.  The babies crawled around the house playing together and chasing Addie Bear, who was amazing in spite of having two squealing babies to tend with.  We even let the babies stay up until 9!
After we put the babies to sleep, same room. different bed.  We put in Horton Hears a Who with every intention of watching it.  Josh was the only one who stayed awake and thankfully was able to wake us up with a few minutes to spare before the ball dropped.  We shared sleepy kisses with our amazing significant others and headed to bed. 
We are such parents now...but boy do we love it that way!

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