Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh the things she says.

This morning Teagan wanted to call her Papaw and Mamaw.  She loves talking on the phone, especially to her grandparents. 
Teagan and Papaw chatted for a while and then it was time to hang up.  We have numerous "pet" names for each other in our family and this morning it just happened to be "Punkin"....

"Teagan, tell Papaw bye bye" - Mommy
"Bye, Bye Papaw.  Love you"- Teagan
"Bye, Punkin' have a great day at school!"- Papaw
"NOT PUNKIN', Papaw! Teagan Aiza Reid!!!" - Teagan

Well, at least I know she know her name.  She later said she WAS a pumpkin.  So, Punkin' Teagan Aiza Reid? Love it. Click To Vote For Us @ the Top Baby Blogs Directory! The most popular baby blogs