Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Teagan's school stories.

Yesterday on our ride home from school I asked Teagan what she did.  This is how the conversation went:

Mommy: Teagan, what did you do at school today?
Teagan: I didn't hit! (which is hilarious because she is not a known "hitter" at school)
Mommy: Very good, Little Bear! I'm proud that you didn't hit your friends!  Did you get to play today?
Teagan: Yes.
Mommy: What did you play?
Teagan: Dress up!
Mommy: What did you dress up as?
Teagan: Princess!
Mommy: Did you dress up by yourself?
Teagan: No, Colby too!
Mommy: What did Colby dress up as?
Teagan: Princess too!
Mommy: Oh, okay. What else did you do today?
Teagan: Me and Tilda read books!
Mommy: What book did you read?
Teagan: Sam.
Mommy: I've never heard of that book, what is it about?
Teagan:  Sam and Tilda.
Mommy: What do Sam and Tilda (who happens to be the name of her best friend) do in the book?
Teagan: Play and read books but not sleep.  Dress up too!
Mommy: That sounds like fun!
Teagan: Tilda read Alligator Under My Bed at grandma and grandpas.
Mommy: What is that book about?
Teagan: I slammed the door! Dad have trouble with the garage in the morning. I leave him a note there is alligator in garage.
Mommy: That sounds like a great story!
Teagan: Yeah, Tilda read it.  Not me.  I read Thomas now, Mommy.
Mommy: Okay, Little Bear.