Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kyra Mae, lately.

19 months.  19 months and a few weeks to be exact, well, without being too exact.  This little girl turns our lives upside down on a daily basis.  I don't know that I would say she is opposite of Teagan but she is truly her own and honestly, I am thankful for that.
Kyra Mae is strong willed and a girl who knows what she wants.  She stands her ground, even if it means 45 minute escape from reality tantrums.  Don't get me wrong, those are not too close in frequency, but they happen folks. They happen.
Kyra Mae takes after her daddy in height (she is tall, like already passed Teagan's shoulders tall) and slim built.  She needs 24 mth length and 18 mth fit.  Her hair is growing and she LOVES hair bows in her hair.  She runs up to me in the mornings and pats her head while she says "Mommy, heybow peeze".  Now if only she would run up to me like that when it's time to get her diaper changed...
She adores her sister, most of the time.  Kyra is really playing with Teagan now and not just beside her.  Kyra loves to make "cupcake" and spoon feed them to anybody who is willing to taste test.  She loves to have a baby, a stroller, and a "pockbook" when playing at our house.
Kyra's vocabulary has really taken off the last few weeks.  I think it helps that she hears us talking to Teagan like she's a grown up.  Kyra has also learned some of her colors and can point out pink, purple, and occasionally blue.  She loves looking for airplanes and loves buses.  She also loves to sign "bus".  I think it's her favorite.  She currently has an obsession with "Ehmo" and "Min Mouse" and "Mick Mouse".  
As far as food goes it's hit and miss.  We can almost always get a banana in her and that is about it.  Everything else depends on the day of the week, the position of the sun, and then number of shooting stars from the night before.
Kyra changes so much from day to day now.  She is not baby anymore and I am constantly reminded of that.  It's truer every day that the second baby grows up quicker than the first.  We are trying to hold onto our "real" lives as much as possible because we don't want to miss a thing.

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