Friday, June 28, 2013

That place.

I've spoken a few times about my struggles with depression on here.  Right now I can feel myself sinking a little bit back into the familiar edges of the dark shadows.  As you all know, I graduated in May with my MSW (Masters of Social Work) and I currently have my provisional LCSW, however the job field is not being good to me.  I've got a family to think about and I refuse to sacrifice time with them for a job.  There are some jobs, but they are much farther than we would like them to be and we are not going to sacrifice our girls stability (they have been in the same daycare since they were 3mths old) for a job. However, bills will continue to come in and that is hard while the money is absolutely not.  It's been a really hard month for me.
I'm trying to keep myself busy.  I've started training for a marathon (more on that later).  I'm trying to focus on the fact that my God is truly in control.  I am trying to focus on my family and finding joy in the faces of my sweet little ladies.  So, if it's a little quiet around here I'm sorry.  I covet your prayers dear friends.  For peace and provision and trust.  

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