Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I've been feeling the old tug of conviction here lately.  The kind that nags at you until you finally turn around and give it an impatient "What?!?".
I realize that I'm still stuck in the town I grew up in.  Now, I do not mean this in a bad way.  I love the town I grew up in, I was and still am invested in it.  However, Josh and I have made a family in our current city.  We go to church there.  We have community there.  We shop there.  We have friends there. We love there.  We need to be invested there.
What pushed me over the edge was when I started thinking about putting Teagan in a dance class.  My first thought was where in L-town would she go?  My first thought was not about where in Mt. Holly would she go?  It should have been.
Even after almost 6 years of living in Mt. Holly, L-town is still "home".  It shouldn't be.  Josh and I have made a life for ourselves and our children in Mt. Holly and that is where we need to start establishing roots.  We don't plan on leaving the area.  Perhaps a different house at some point but the same area.  We need to start investing.  Investing in our neighbors better.  Investing in the community downtown better.  Even investing in the local dance or gymnastics studio.  
So, I ask you friends,  are you still "stuck" at home?  Are you still afraid to step out of your comfort zone and just BE where you are?  I challenge you to meet somebody new.  Invite a neighbor over for dinner.  Go to your local coffee shop or farmers market.  Invest.  Invest in the people of your community.  I'm taking the challenge starting today.  I hope you will too.

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