Monday, June 24, 2013

Belated anniversary!

Josh surprised me with a weekend getaway for our anniversary!  We got to head to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN area and had a blast!  These are a few pictures from this weekend:

Looking cute for the hubs for our mountain adventure!
Shorts-thrifted (Deliahs brand)
Shirt-Target (clearance rack)
Shoes- I really do not remember.  I just remember I got them on sale last summer! 

On the way! 

We had the windows down.  NOT good for my hair.  I had tangles for days. 

This restaurant was fantastic!
Shirt-Target (many, many years ago)
Skirt-Target (three years ago)
Bag-thrifted, Nine West
Flippers- Rainbows

Loved this sweet music man! 

Look at that view!

Beautiful wood carving! Made me think of Getty!

Attack of the octopus! 

The dragon thought Josh's head was a toy! 
The fit quite nicely! 

Checking out the engine! 

Love this man. 

Centipede on our trail run with a little walking. 

Beautiful at the top!

Handsome man. 

I was getting sprayed. 

Checked off one more thing on my list of things to do before I  die.  Climb a water tower! 

Relaxing after the trail run/walk! 


I never knew there were so many moonshine flavors! Blackberry was the best.  Proceed with caution. 

We decided to take a picture of where we parked in Asheville so we wouldn't forget! 

HAD to stop here for lunch.  Love this place!! 

Teagan was asleep on the couch and Kyra was asleep on Grandma when we walked through the door.  It was all I had not to wake them up!!

They finally woke up!! 
6 years.  And still going.  This man has my heart forever. 

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