Saturday, June 15, 2013

Let's talk about...

You know. That. Yes that.

Eventually we will have to have "the talk" with our girls.  And honestly, I'm already petrified. When Bekah wrote "Bare Naked Truth" and needed some bloggers to read and review it I decided to jump on it...anything to help prepare for the future. 
This book was pretty fantastic. I wouldn't recommend it for a lady under the age of 13 or 14 due to some of the honest but slightly "graphic" nature if the chapters (not graphic like play by play type stuff with pictures but there are some things in there that are not for the younger crowd).  Bekah's writing is honest and witty and thoughtful.  I that was my favorite part about the book in its entirety.  Bekah's thoughtfulness.  I mean sure, the stories about thinking she could fly and about a car and a tree were pretty great illustrations.  However, the thoughtfulness Bekah shows throughout her book exceeded any illustration she could have given.  There are times in a girls life where she may be struggling with the thought of sex.  What is it?  Should I do it? Why shouldn't I do it? Should I wait? My best friend did it.  Is it really worth it to wait?  But he said he loved me.  Bekah takes these questions and answers them in a way that is relatable and honest.  Another thing about "Bare Naked Truth" is that it includes truth.  The Truth.  The truth that Jesus is enough and will love you unlike and more than you could ever imagine.  That the act of making love is for the sanctity of marriage and really works best inside a marriage. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it.  Especially when the moms realize the clock has reached the hour of "the talk" and they feel like they need some reinforcements because it came on much quicker than they imagined.  This book is going to provide you, and me, with some pretty handy tools.  Even if the witching hour comes sooner rather than later. 

* I was sent this book free of charge by the publisher.  However, all the opinions are mine.*

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