Monday, August 19, 2013

Mysterious belly problems, we're over them, thanks.

We took Teagan to a pediatric gastroenternologist today.  Blood work, poop collecting, and an ultrasound are in our sweet girl's future over the next two-three weeks.  If those things don't provide us answers, then she'll have to be put to sleep and they'll have to go in with a camera.  

She's been having belly pain for six-eight months.  Constant but not consistent.  We've been to the doctor several times, thinking it's growth spurts, UTIs, milk allergy/intolerance, or just the hard age of three.  We took out lactose, she can't have a six month growth spurt, she has only had one UTI, and we can't do anything about the age of three.  We can't pinpoint any triggers.  We're at a loss.  So, here we go down the road of testing and guessing and more testing.  However, in the front, middle, and end of all that is a lot of prayer.  So, we would appreciate it if you would join us.  Because you know my mommy brain has gone to the bad, several times, and I've had to reel it in.  Thanks ahead of time.

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