Friday, August 2, 2013

New shoes.

I have been an Asics girl most of my recent shoe deciding years.  In high school I ran and played in New Balance.  I liked the way they looked and how they felt and they worked well at the time.
When Josh and I decided to start running and run our first 5k we went to Dicks and "got fitted".  We both bought Asics Gels.  Looking back I cringe about buying at a huge store but everything about running is a learning process and that was just a lesson learned.  I ran my first half marathon in Asics Gels and they worked well.  They lasted much longer than they should have and I am thankful they graced my feet as long and as well as they did.

Now that my Asics are on permanent sabbatical it was time to put some new companions on my feet.  Introducing, my Brooks Adrenalines.  Fitted by Julie at Walk and Run Belmont.

First run together. 
I cannot stress to you how amazing it was to have my feet and running style analyzed by a person who knew what they were doing.  I found out things about my feet I never knew.  I have a post waiting in the wings about my fitting and I can't wait to share!!

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