Thursday, November 28, 2013

All I want for Christmas, part 1.

Now, bare with me as you read this post. This is not some holier than thou post. This is me sharing with you how we've decided to start doing Christmas, and trying to do life, from now on. 

Kyra's birthday is the very end of October. Teagan's birthday is in January. Christmas is smack dab in the middle. Kyra's birthday is completely about her. Teagan's birthday is completely about her. In our family, Christmas is about Jesus. Josh and I have decided to make that our focus. We've both really been pondering how to better steward our money, our time, our children. We've been convicted to be Jesus' hands and feet.  
So, this year, our present to the girls is our adoption of a child from Compassion International. We're excited that we'll have the ability to correspond with our child over the years. We're excited to show the girls how small our world needs to be. We're excited to show them that just because we can't send these children a mattress or a bathtub, we can bathe them in prayers. 
We're also doing this for ourselves. I can't imagine needing anything right now. Sure, I'd love a Target or Starbucks gift card but I'll either buy practical, no fun stuff with it or items none of us need. So, this year, what I want for Christmas is to help an organization that has recently become dear to my heart.  The Exodus Road. They are running a "Season of Rescue" now through November 30th. The idea is to fund 365 days of investigations. 

Here are a few of the packages they've put together. Please prayerfully consider helping out this amazing organization.

Package 1: book, bumper sticker

Package 2: Shirt, book, bumper sticker

Package 3: Sweatshirt, book, bumper sticker 

Package 4: 12 mth subscription to "Search & Rescue" (newsletter), 2 books

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