Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hard but worth it.

Has it really been three weeks already?  It actually seems like it's been longer then three weeks as Kyra has settled in quite nicely to make our family of three an even four. 
I do have to admit it seems like it's been a little harder this go-round.  Just readjusting to a newborn compared to a fully functioning-can tell me what she wants-toddler.  Sometimes I have to just breath through the frustration and remember that Kyra is really only 3 weeks old and crying is the only way she can tell me something is not right.  During the day it's not as bad but after the sun goes down my patience level sometimes goes with it.  Thankfully the older she gets the more adjusted I become.  Josh keeps a watchful eye on my feelings and actions as we want to make sure I don't slip into postpartum depression.  Since I've been diagnosed with clinical depression in the past we definitely don't want something like that sneaking up on us.  Thankfully I have a husband who knows what to look for in me.  Right now, I call what I'm feeling "night time baby blues" as it usually comes on when the sun goes down.  Prayerfully that is all it will be and prayerfully it will slowly but surely get better.   
Kyra is such a joyful addition to our family.  She really is quite calm and doesn't cry as often as I sometimes think she does.  She has a gentle spirit about her already.  She seems to love Teagan and tolerates all her kisses and sometimes not gentle enough hugs.  Teagan is purely smitten with Kyra and can't stop talking about her and "lovin'" on her.  Kyra gets more love then Josh & I combined!  Kyra has started staying awake for longer stretches which sometimes means play time and sometimes means crying.  All the walking I do around the house (she's a moving baby) is surely going to help me lose the dreaded baby weight! haha!
We have been so blessed with friends and family and their kindness.  We've barely had to cook since we got home from the hospital because friends from church and friends not from church have brought meals almost 3 nights a week! The kindness we have been shown during this time surpasses anything we could have imagined.

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