Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seborrheic dermatitis

The baby acne did not take over our sweet girl. Something called seborrheic dermatitis did.  The doctor explained it as "like cradle cap for the whole body".  Basically it's got to work it's way all the way to Kyra's feet and then it goes away.  How long it will take to works itself through the system varies so she couldn't help me there.  I was relieved when she told me it was nothing I had done or eaten that caused it.  We could use a cortisone cream to relieve some of the redness but there is basically nothing else we can do for it. 

Let me just tell you, this stuff moves fast! Hopefully it will continue to move quickly and get through her system (it definitely bothers me more then her, I want to "fix it").  We had assumed it was baby acne for about a week and then it started to over take her.  Yesterday within an HOUR it had moved all the way down to her neck so I called the doctor.  It was unlike anything I'd ever seen. 

On the poop report Kyra is just fine.  The doctor said Kyra's bowels were just changing but they were moving beautifully (she said as she had the stethoscope against Kyra's belly).  Thankfully though, they had taken her temperature so within 30 minutes of getting home Kyra's bowels moved. Thank you thermometer! haha! 

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