Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A huntin' we will go!

Hunting for our Christmas tree that is!

We started a tradition last year with our amazing friends the Heavner's.  Our families go together and pick out our Christmas trees and take pictures.  This year was so much fun! Teagan and Miles trumped all over the place picking out our Christmas trees.  But of course before we even headed down the road from the farmer's house to the Christmas trees Kyra had her first official blow out.  Let me just tell you, had that happened with Teagan at 1 month I would have freaked out.  This time I just dealt with it and we went on our way.  Mark that up to experience.    
We had a great time.  A few temper tantrums between the three of them (Addie was the only one who didn't have a temper tantrum) and that was it..  We definitely count that as successful! After we picked out our Christmas trees and took a few pictures we headed to a nice little spot on the side of the mountain to have lunch.   and then headed home from there.  Next year we'll probably do like we did last year and head on to Asheville to spend the rest of the day.  Kyra was a little young for that adventure right now and both Teagan and Miles were exhausted after running around after Christmas trees all morning. 

And here is the temper tantrum pic...haha.