Wednesday, November 30, 2011


pic via Google Image search.

Next week I go to the doctor in hopes of getting the invaluable "all clear".  That all clear encompasses many things; one of them being exercise and starting the task of toning these tummy muscles back up!  I am going to wait until January to start running again but in the mean time I will look to my always loyal Yoga. 
I started doing Yoga in college and fell in love with it. Honestly, I know nothing about the background and spirituality of it I just know I love the movements and the flow of the exercise itself.  I know that even if I have been lazy or unable to work out for weeks and can't touch my toes anymore that doing one session of Yoga has me back able to put both palms back on the floor.
I have taken classes and used videos and tried the Yoga card things but I found the best for me was either a class or a video.  Since I have zero time or money AND there are no classes I know of around our area I use a video. 
I've tried quite a few videos but always fall back to the one I started with. Now, don't laugh even though it is kind of funny.  I use the MTV Yoga dvd.  I first bought it as a VHS and then bought the dvd version last year.  It's a great workout.  It's a little fast paced for beginners so if you try it make sure you watch it first (I suggest you do that with all your workout dvds) and then try the movements. 
I cannot wait until next week! And of course not just for the exercise, give me a little credit.