Friday, March 9, 2012

Feature of a Favorite Friday: Tara Heavner, Stone of Destiny

This is my friend, Tara, pronounced TAR-Uh.  She and I met through her husband when we were in college.  The first time I met her was at the Starbucks inside a Barnes-N-Noble.  We became friends and have been since! She and her hubs moved away and had a sweet little boy, Brennan!  She is talented like WHOA and is pretty artsy-fartsy.  Her recent endeavor is an Etsy shop featuring her handmade jewelry.  Read a little about her here on the blog and see some of her stuff on her Etsy page! You won't be disappointed!

Hi, I'm Tara, owner of the Etsy shop, Stone of Destiny.  My dear friend, Rici, asked me to share about my store!
First, a little about me.  I'm a wife and mother of a babbling, toddler boy.  I work a full time job during the week, and the rest of my time is spent chasing (literally!) my little one around unless he's sleeping!  Needless to say, I needed something to help relieve my stress from work.  Something just for me.
I had tried my hand at jewelry making before, but never really put that much effort into it until now.  I finally decided to get serious about it.  So, a few trips to Michaels later, I had a whole slew of supplies.  I make all of the jewelry you'll see on my site.  When I shop for supplies (beads, etc.), I don't go in with an idea in mind.  I prefer to walk around, up and down the aisles, over and over again and let inspiration find me.  With some pieces, I know pretty quickly exactly what I want them to look like.  With others, I have to lay them out, then rearrange, then rearrange again before I'm satisfied.  All of my jewelry is made with great care and thought, so even if you don't see a lot of items in my store at one time, you can be sure that each one was made with lots of love.
Now, on to the name of my store, Stone of Destiny.  I wanted a name that would a) reflect me and b) stand out and be a little different.  I researched the meaning behind my name, and found that it is "of Gaelic and Sanskrit origin" and the meaning is "hill; star."  Beyond that, I found that "ancient Tara was the site of the 'stone of destiny,' on which Irish kings resided."  So there you have it!  Stone of Destiny was born!  Please check it out at:
A big thank you to Rici for sharing my site!