Monday, March 26, 2012

Dearest sweet girls.

My sweet girls,
I just sat back and watched you together this morning.  I was overcome with so many emotions at once that I could barely stand it.  I had to turn my head so you, Teagan, wouldn't see the tears flooding up in my eyes and think something was wrong.  When in fact, it was quite the opposite. 
For a brief moment I saw flashes of you, this summer and the summers to come.  I envisioned you running around with each other strolling your babies, with you, Teagan, holding Kyra Mae's hand leading her around the yard telling her to be careful with the care of the little mommy you've become. 
I can see the two of you splashing in Grandpa and Grandma's pool, squealing as daddy throws you in the air and you plead for one more time (Kyra) or no daddy no (Teagan)!  I see you feeding the birds at Papaw & Mamaw's, arguing who is going to pull who in the wagon, and laughing when Papaw ends up pulling you both.  
I imagine walking in to check on you when you when you get a little older, in the room you will eventually share, only to find the two of you curled up in one bed.  Kyra's arm over Teagan's face and Teagan's leg hanging completely over the bed.
I know it would be presumptuous to think things are always going to be that sweet.  I know there will be moments full of tears and heartache but I know with certainty there will be sweet moments of reconciliation, hugs and kisses that will soon follow.
I envy the bond I pray the two of you will have. I envy that if you chose, you will have a best friend for life.  I imagine the love of a sister is not too far from the love of a mother.  Just as sweet, just as nuturing, just as fierce. 
This next year is going to be different and strange and kind of difficult.  Even as young as the both of you are I know you will be able to tell something is out of the ordinary.  Just know things will go back to normal quickly.  Just know we are taking this adventure on together. As a family of four.  We are taking this thing the Lord has given us and running with it, faith leading the way.  And boy, when we get to the top of this mountain what a sight it will be. 

Forever and Always,
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