Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It literally fell from a tree.

I've talked about this craft project before but I thought it deserved it's own blog post.  I didn't do a step by step tutorial because it's pretty self-explanitory. 

The perfect tree limb/branch fell into our yard off our birch tree and I knew I HAD to do something with it in the house.  I was originally going to spray paint it white but I'm glad I didn't now. 

I let the tree branch dry out in the garage for a day or two and made sure I didn't bring in any critters with it.  I trimmed it up with a hand saw and then went to work.  I'm still a novice with the sewing machine (basically I can barely sew in a straight line or at a steady speed) so I used my handy-dandy hot glue gun. 
I picked up some pretty fabric at the local fabric store and got a yard of each.  That was beyond plenty.  You can make the pennants as wide or as narrow as you like.  Mine are about 10-11inches across.  I hot glued two sides together to make them a little sturdier and then hot glued them onto the branch.  Wah-La! Instant craft project.  I figured out just where I wanted it while it was drying in the garage and Josh hung it up for me.  Right above our laundry "room".  It looks super cute!

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