Tuesday, May 8, 2012

6 months. Really? 6 months?

Surreal.  That is the only word I can think of to describe what I feel.  With Teagan, they warned me...time will fly.  Nobody told me how much quicker time goes with the second.  30 seconds vs. 60 seconds per minute is the going baby #2 growing up pace.

Weight- 15.2lbs (2 pounds more then Teagan at this age)
Height- 26 inches (an inch taller then Teagan at this age)
Diaper- we've recently moved to size 3s.  Her torso was outgrowing the 2s but her belly still had a lot of room.

Kyra Mae was above average on her development.  She is sitting up by herself and getting stronger every day.  She has started rolling over more and more and does the occasional rocking back and forth.  She is so ready to chase after Teagan!

We started solids.  She could care less.  She eats her oatmeal most of the time but usually doesn't eat more then 3-7 spoonfuls of her fruits or veggies even if we give her that instead or before the oatmeal.  So, we're taking a break on the fruits and veggies for a week or so.  Then we'll try again. 

I pulled out the 3-6 month and 6 month clothes the other day.  She can still wear some of the 3 month stuff but length wise she is making the pants turn to capris.

Squeals like you wouldn't believe!  She is hilarious.  She has started the "ah ya" and "ah ga" sounds. Mostly we get squeals and gummy smiles.  She does have a very, um, vocal 2 year old to contend with though, so I am interested to see if she is going to continue to sit back and listen/observe or try and top Teagan...

LOVES her feet. She cannot get enough of them.  I was so excited when she started to notice and play with them.  There is just something about a baby chewing on their feet...gets me every time!

Has started sleeping on her side some but mostly sleeps sprawled out.  She kind of looks like a flying squirrel (especially in her sleep sack).

Is becoming a rockstar in her excersaucer.

Kyra is still very patient when it comes to Teagan's constant "lovin'".  On the other hand, when she's done she is DONE and the whole world knows it.

Teagan is her favorite person.  Her face could light up three houses when she sees or hears Teagan.

Teeth are nowhere in sight.  With Teagan that was an amazing thing because that meant I wouldn't get bit!  With Kyra that just means she isn't in any pain yet.  Hopefully she has a simliar experience to Teagan.  We didn't know Teagan was teething until the pearly whites popped through!

She is getting so much better in the carseat!  Kyra Mae has hated the carseat since our first ride home from the hospital.  She does a lot better now that she can manipulate toys and actually pays attention out the window.  If she looks out the window too long she konks out, which is usually the case on the way to school and most of the rides home. 

Oh! I almost forgot! Kyra Mae has started to "whoooo" which isn't surprising seeing as she has heard about Getty her whole life!! We're gonna get this on video soon!

And of course here comes the "I can't believe how fast she's growing and I can't wait to see what the next 6 months hold...".  Truly, I can't.   Who knows when Kyra will decide to take off and crawl.  She's growing like a Reid already.  Her laugh continues to be infectious.  Her eyes light up with wonder at everything new.  It's amazing to see the eyes through a baby again.  Josh and I are so blessed to have a constant reminder of the innocence of a child and how sometimes we just need to laugh or cry with no explanation behind it.  Having a second child rocked our world but I'm so glad it did.  I'm so glad it is.  I'm so glad it will.