Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not hopeless.

We've been going through some crazy-ness the last few months.  Honestly, had this happened a few years ago I would have fallen apart.  Lack of sleep, the amount of sickness that has plagued our house and other things going on would have sent me over the edge a few years ago.  Even as short as three years ago.
This time I have amazing and encouraging friends who I am able to open completely up to.  My walk with the Lord allows me to be tired or sad or frustrated but not hopeless.  Even when my mood has darkened to a place without light I have not felt hopeless.  I am so thankful I can cry out and have those negative feelings but know that the Lord is waiting there, arms wide open.  I truly believe that times like this happen in order to grow us.  To make us cling tighter to the Lord.  I have.  I am. I will.

So, if my tweets have been a little off or my lack of blogging has you worried, please don't be.  I am allowing myself a break as often as I need.  I am resting my weary bones and my weary head.  Things will be back to some sort of normal and all will be well again.  Sleep will come, the kind that lasts more than two hours at a time and sickness will leave for longer than a week.  It will happen and boy I can't wait!