Monday, May 21, 2012

Sweet things she does.

Tonight, Teagan help me put Kyra Mae to bed.  Normally I have her sit in the corner, next to the rocking chair on the floor and read a book so I can get Kyra fed and rocked a little and put down.  
Tonight she wanted to stand, she wanted to help.  She looked at Kyra's head and started to touch her and then she looked at me, normally I would have told her no because it gets Kyra all excited but tonight I just let her.  She rubbed her head and then her cheek and said "I just rub her" in a sweet whisper, I smiled with tears in my eyes.  Then she leaned over and placed a kiss on her head and said "I just kiss her, night-night".  I just smiled and leaned to Teagan, touching my forehead to hers.  An understanding passing through us. One of pure and innocent and unyielding love.
No matter what stressors I have during the day, whether it be work or just in general, there is something about the love my two girls have for each other, already, that just wash them all away.