Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Operation "De-frump"

One of my personal resolutions was to try and "defrump" myself.  I'd gotten into a rut of wearing stretchy pants and oversized shirts and basically one pair of boots or my running shoes.  It got pretty bad and I was pretty frumpy so I decided to do something about it.  I started thinking about what I put on for the day and even started wearing earrings, which if you've read this post you'll realize why that is a big deal.
I started posting some of my outfits, which happen to be of me standing in the bathroom on the toilet so the pictures aren't that good, when I've felt especially cute over the last few weeks and I thought I would share some with you!
If you'd like to join me in the transformation I've started, or at least I'm using, the hash tag #operationdefrump.

Jeans- New York and Company 
Boots- WalMart (3 years ago)
Button Up blue jean shirt- thrifted
Sweater-thrifted, Gap
Scarf- Old Navy

Leggings-Reebok, from Dick's Sporting Goods
Boots- WalMart
Coat- Old Navy
Sweater under the coat- it's gray from Target
and was only, $9! 

Shoes- JcPenny (super, SUPER, old)
Jeans- New York and Company
Shirt- thrifted, tag says Old Navy
Cardigan- thrifted, Gap

Booties- JcPenny 2 years ago
Leggings- just black, don't remember
where from
Dress- thrifted, tag says limited
Necklace- New York and Company 3
years ago

Purple moccasins- Target, last year
Jeans- New York and Company
T-shirt- Target
Sweater- Gap
Hat- Target, recent clearance 

Black wedges- Target
Black pants- WalMart
Shirt- WalMart
Black cardigan- thrifted, Gap
Earrings- Target

Happy Defrumping! 

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