Thursday, July 18, 2013

Marathon training update.

I am trying not to flood the blog with running craziness but right now it's a big part of our lives and will be for a few months so, here it is.
I am in week four and averaging anywhere from 15 to 20 miles a week.  I am feeling pretty good, I occasionally ice after runs just as precaution.
I have truly been blessed with friends from our church who love me enough to allow me to run to their houses on my long run mornings.  This means they are getting up early, and driving me back home a sweaty nasty mess (thanks, humidity).  They even love me enough to hydrate me!  That is truly love.  Especially when their kiddos are not early risers and I am at their house before or right at 6am.
This Sunday is a 9 miler, the longest I've ran on this training program, so we shall see how it goes.  That will bring this weeks miles to 19.

I've come to a few conclusions during these last few weeks.
1) I desperately need new shoes.  Did you catch that word DESPERATELY?  I'm looking at these, these, these and these.
2) I would love to have a running watch, like the Garmin Forerunner 10.
3) When your iPod STOPS working and you use your iPhone for music in the middle of summer and don't have anything to hold it, do NOT wrap it in a small plastic sandwich bag and place it in your sports bra.  I suffered for days from cuts on my chest, that burned from the sweat after other runs that week, I didn't realize where there until I stopped running.
4) I still hate running in shorts.  I tried it again and I just can't do it.
5) Yoga is an amazing thing.  I already knew that but it has helped me from becoming tight and the means I will likely be less prone to injury.  If you are in the Belmont/Mt. Holly area and want to try out the yoga scene, one of my dear friends owns a yoga studio that fits any fitness level.  It's called Simply Yoga and I get there as often as I can.
6) I'm looking into compression sleeves or socks.  Zensah and ProCompression are the front runners right now.
7) I will be collecting money via Crowdrise to achieve my goal of $1200 for the Getty Owl Foundation.  You can donate any time between now and November 16th.

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