Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Book Review

When I was still nursing Teagan during my lunch break I would take her into the library and feed her (it was a church library so nobody was there during that time).  After she nursed I would read her a book and cuddle with her for a few minutes before heading back to work.  Shaoey and Dot was one of our favorites.  Every single time I would read this to her I would cry a little and she would snuggle up even closer. 

Shaoey and Dot is about a little girl and her friend the ladybug going through the process of adoption.  The story is seen through the ladybug's eyes.  The ladybug hears Dot's cries and her laughs and tries to comfort her tears and cheer her up as much as she can.  The ladybug doesn't understand it all but does understand that Dot needs a somebody and the ladybug decides to stick around.   Dot (the little girl) is raised in an orphanage and the ladybug stays with her from the time she is a baby girl until the time she becomes adopted by a wonderful set of people.  The story will bring you to tears and shows you just how many kids out there really do need a good home to be raised in. 

By Mary Beth and Stephen Curtis Chapman

Illustrated by Jim Chapman