Monday, December 20, 2010

Not a creature was stirring...

It's 9:45 and I'm the only one up.  The house is quiet minus the pitter patter of my fingers striking the keys on my laptop.  I've wrapped presents.  I've made presents. I've packed packages. I've written Christmas cards.  I need to take a shower and try to go to bed.  I keep questioning whether I'm going to get it all done in time. 
Teagan has been sick. Josh has been sick. I've tried my best not to get sick.  We had a snow day. Teagan's "school" didn't have heat one day. This last week a day has been a whirlwind that unfortunately is going to continue into tomorrow and I'm afraid the rest of the week.  I've got about 5-6 blog drafts almost done but I've not really had the time to give them my full focus so they sit and wait labeled "draft".  I at least figured I could give you the up and coming blog line up and a picture of Teagan in all her cuteness.

Blogs to look forward to:
1) Review of Violet Peapod's sleepsack (SUPER cute!!)
2) Half Marathon overview
3) Teagan's pen-pal Christmas package!
4) DIY Christmas present for Teagan
5) DIY kind of Christmas presents for Teagan's teachers
6) Dearest Teagan, 11mths. 
7) From sweet Getty

I'm sure I'll throw in there what happens at the doctor tomorrow when I take Teagan.  We've had a kind of sick baby the last few days and she doesn't seem to be getting any better.  She had a fever one day but she's not really "sick" she's just a little stuffy and congested but she's not eating well and she's very tired and she's very clingy.  Also, it seems like sometimes she just doesn't know what she wants (Nessa, this reminds me of Eva).  I've got a knot in the middle of my stomach about going to the doctor tomorrow and I pray I'm just overreacting.  She's also having a pretty hard time adjusting to her new class at "school".  She definitely misses Ms. Haley and Ms. Alice. 

Here's the cute picture I promised!