Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Restless Baby Syndrome

You know when you wake up in the middle of the night and stare at the ceiling for hours because you cannot go back to sleep? You count sheep.  You count them backwards. Then you make a list of everything you have to do the rest of the month and then start to freak out because you don't think you can get it all done? You know those nights when you figure out the answer to a question like how to stop world hunger but are too lazy to get out of bed to write it down even though you know you'll forget it in the morning? Well, Teagan had one of those moments around 2:30 - 3:45 this morning. Only thing is, I got to experience it with her.
It was the oddest thing.  She woke up around 2:20 and after letting her whine a little bit I went in there to check on her after I heard the mattress bouncing. *sidenote- standing in the crib was cute the first few times, not so much at 2:30 in the morning*  I picked her up and cuddled her for a minute then put her back down in her crib with my hand on her belly because she was wide awake.  There were a few cycles of up and down and cuddle and put back down and pick up but eventually she realized she needed to lay down because it was still "night night" so she just laid there.  I sat in the middle of her room in front of her crib so she could see me.  I would turn and check on her every few minutes to see if she was sleeping and to make sure she was breathing because she was so very quiet.  She just laid there for around an hour.  Eyes wide open with a look of intense contemplation.  It was as if she had every burden in the world on her shoulders and she was trying to figure out how to solve them.  About 3:45am she just drifted off to sleep and then didn't wake up until around 7am. 
It's moments like this when I wonder the most what must have been running through her head?