Friday, December 3, 2010

Teagan's Christmas

Well, in about 23 days Teagan will be celebrating her first Christmas.  This time last year she was celebrating inside my belly.  This time last year I had my hospital bag almost packed and anxiously got through Christmas wondering with each weird feeling if we were going to have a Christmas or New Years baby. 
As Christmas approaches this year Josh and I have had numerous conversations on what we will get Teagan for Christmas.  Josh has jokingly (well, probably not really) said he is just going to wrap a box up for her because she will get more joy out of a box then most anything else we could get her.  Honestly, he is probably right.  We've decided that Teagan isn't going to get a lot for Christmas because we don't want her thinking presents is what Christmas is about and to be frank she will be 11 mths and is not going to remember that we didn't get her a million things for her first Christmas or that we did.  Each set of grandparents has gotten her one big thing and I'm sure a few little things.  Josh and I have bought her an adorable stuffed owl from Dwell Studios that when I opened the box I actually squealed a little bit.  It was also all I had not to give it to her right then.  Josh will be making Teagan shelves for her room that go along with the new theme we have started in there.  I've bought her a few stocking stuffers and she will get some books.  That is pretty much all she will be getting from us.  She has enough clothes and toys and has never gone with out.  I "rotate" her toys she she never gets bored with them. 
Are there things I've found that I just wanted to jump on and buy her that very second? Yes.  There are so many things I would love to give to her but honestly it's pointless right now.  We don't have a lot of storage space and we aren't rolling in the Benjamin's so "stuff" is something we are trying to do without.  I have to admit it has been an adjustment for me because I am quite the shopaholic.  I have a hard time passing up any kind of sale and feel like Teagan or I "need" everything I see and like. 
I don't want this post to sound all "holier then thou" because it's not.  It's a decision Josh and I made as parents.  I just remember growing up having and entire playroom of toys and to this day I can only remember 10 out of probably hundreds.  I don't want that to be Teagan.  I want her to appreciate everything she has.  Sure she will still have her favorites but I don't want her to have a bunch of unused or unwanted toys laying around the house.  We will also probably do the "clean out" process after Thanksgiving every year to make room for the new stuff.  If there is stuff she doesn't love anymore then why not give it to somebody who might want to love it for a while? 
Anyway, this post went a little longer then I'd hoped.  Here is that adorable owl she is getting for Christmas this year:

Stuffed Owl from Dwell Studios

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