Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sprinkled or Saturated?

No, I am not talking about food.  I am talking about Jesus.  Now, those of you who turn off immediately when I mention His name on here, hold on just one second.  Let me get this out.
I tend to go through my days sprinkled; not saturated with Jesus.  I tend to go through the day doing things my way, making my plans and going through the motions my way (notice all the "MY's" in there).  Through the day I will usually have little sprinkles of Jesus, sometimes as an afterthought, sometimes as a complete and utter necessity because I am to the point of pulling my hair out with the girls, sometimes it is because I get a text saying somebody is sick or having a bad day and in need of a prayer.  More often than not I end up frustrated at somebody or something and I hop on a roller coaster of emotions that could quite possibly beat out the Kingda Ka.
How often have we turned from Him, as in Isaiah 53:6 and still expected out lives to be grand? rewarded? easy?  What would happen if instead of sprinkling my day with Jesus I saturated my day with Him?  How much better would life be if I allowed Jesus to LEAD my day instead of just asking Him to occasionally be present in it?
In this holiday time it is easy to think of Jesus as a small helpless baby.  Why would we saturate our lives with any baby but our own, or at the very least nieces or nephews?  The thing is, we aren't saturating our lives with a helpless baby.  We are saturating our lives with a man who loves us with a love so intensely it even surpasses a mother's love for her child.  A man so powerful that he could rip the planet into literal pieces but who chooses to be so gentle a butterfly would not shudder in His palm?  We are saturating our lives with a God who is so patient that no matter how many times we DO turn away and try to do things on our own, He is there with his arms wide open, waiting for us to turn around and realize He has been there waiting all along.
So, this Christmas and this New Years, when you are beginning to make and list your resolutions, I have a challenge for you.  I am taking on this challenge, mostly for myself, but I am offering it up for those of you who would like to join me.  I pray that we will begin to saturate out lives with Jesus.  Not the baby Jesus, as cute as he may be, but the man Jesus.  The man Jesus who has His arms wide open waiting for us to turn around and be embraced.  The man who has had His arms wide open since He was sacrificed on that wretched and wonderful cross.
I know, I know, you wanted to loose those last four pesky pounds for your New Years Resolution.  I have good news for you....Jesus is ready and able to walk those pounds off with you.  So, whaddya say?  Join me?  Will you sprinkle or will you saturate?

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