Friday, July 16, 2010

Begging time to stand still...even for a moment.

She's growing so fast.
The time that before Teagan tended to creep by is now becoming a whirlwind. It's moving so fast my head spins out of control some days.
Right now Josh is helping his sister and I'm sitting here alone in the living room. Just a few months ago I would have had Teagan asleep on my chest because she slept so much that we didn't put her in her crib until around 11 o'clock after she, she is asleep in her crib upstairs like a big girl and I am down here alone. You would think I would enjoy a little me time but I miss her. I want to run upstairs and grab her up out of her crib and snuggle her until she squirms for me to stop. Everybody told me that time was going to go by quickly and she wouldn't be an infant for long...I just thought I was cherishing every minute. At the time of the moments I probably was doing some cherishing but if there is even one detail I can't remember it bothers me. She isn't going to be as young as she was today when she wakes up tomorrow. Another day will have gone by and there will be things I forget. Like today, she said "Ba Ba" very clearly...what if there are some "words" that I missed while I was talking on the phone while she was talking? I'll never get these moments back. I know I can't shut her and I in a room and never come out but from now on I plan to double cherish every minute I get to spend with Teagan. I love watching her grow and gain more independence and more of a personality but it's sad to see that growth as well...
I have started doing something for her every time I feed her. As she eats I pray (we've of course prayed for her often but this is just something special I want to do for her). I pray for her future. I pray for her relationship with the Lord. I pray for her husband and that he is a God-loving and kind man. I pray for her education. I pray for her personality that she will be kind and good hearted but also strong and independent. I pray that she have a good group of friends. I pray that her daddy and I can set a good, Godly example for her in regards to our walk with the Lord and our marriage. I pray that the world will become better and safer but if it doesn't that she has the ability to handle it.
So, tomorrow I plan to snuggle up to my little girl, play & spoil her extra and if the house work doesn't get done then so be it...tomorrow my attention will fully be on my precious little girl.