Tuesday, May 24, 2011

16 months

I have been beyond slack on keeping up with Teagan's monthly updates.  I hope to get much better with it. Things have been just a little crazy these last few months.  She is growing and changing and learning so much every single day that it's getting hard to keep up with!!
Height: Right around 30 inches
Weight: 25lbs on the dot!
Clothing size: 9-18mths depending on the brand
Teeth: when these next 2 break through Teagan will have 12 teeth! Holy Cow!!!

This month big girl is learning more and more signs.  Unfortunately we don't get to work with her as much as we'd like.  With Josh and I both having to work we only get to work with her and teach her signs when we are home.  Luckily Teagan's best friend, Matilda, signs too and they sign with each other at school.  Also, their very favorite teacher, Ms. Haley, is trying to learn some and work with them as well.  She is great!
Teagan can now sign: more, eat, milk, water, please, thank you, daddy, help, airplane, and about 3 more right now I just can't remember.  She recognizes quite a few but she just hasn't signed them to us yet.  We've started the Baby Signing Time videos on rainy days.  Thankfully they are broken into chapters so she only gets around 5-7 minutes of "screen time".  We are still pretty big on no TV until she's two even if it is "educational".

She is a big talker when she's in a good mood.  Her favorite word right now is Daddy.  She says mommy as well but it doesn't get said as often.  I'm sure she has a larger vocabulary then I know but words are difficult to decifer.  She has started trying to repeat words and it's adorable. 
She can say: Daddy, Mommy, cat, go, hey, hi, dog, diaper and a few garbled words.  She can say "A, B, D" of her ABC's.  It's really cute.  I sing the ABCs and then ask her to sing them back and she will sing "A,B, D" over and over again. 

Thanks to a trick learned from my friend Becca I started teaching Teagan how to throw her dirty diapers away.  Now she is almost insulted if I throw it away instead!

She knows all the parts of her body and likes to show people their body parts too. 

She has become much pickier with her eating.  She doesn't like anything bland and has become a "dipper".  She loves dipping her chicken in BBQ sauce and more recently her bread that goes with her chicken. She won't eat a lot of fresh fruits, except for bananas, or veggies which is frustrating but I'm really hoping it's a phase.  In the meantime we have started her on a multi-vitamin to supplement for right now.

She is running all over the place and would rather run the walk.  Occasionally this becomes a problem when she doesn't realize how fast she's going and doesn't pay attention to the path in front of her. 

We officially have a time out chair.  Josh and I are still figuring out discipline as we go but for right now time out and redirectioin is our form.  It's a little difficult to implement because during the week she is at daycare more then she is with us but we are doing what we can. 

As far as Teagan's binky goes she is doing well.  This is another difficult task because she is at daycare more then with us during the week.  When she is with us or grandparents she only gets her binky at naptime or bedtime.  She does not get it in the car or when she cries.  It's not a crutch that we use.  We have mixed feelings about cutting it before Baby Bear comes though because we know she is going to regress in one form or another and if we take it then it's gone.  We don't want to have to worry about her stealing the baby's.  Also, all the other kids in her class still have their binkys for the most part so it's in her face every day.  We are basically determining the point we will take the binky by when she moves up to the next class. 

We have introduced the potty and Teagan has now used it successfully twice after naptimes just this weekend.  We are not potty training officially but we are letting Teagan get used to it and letting her use it at different times during the day.

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