Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ultrasound, early Glucose Screening, & Check Up

We went to the doctor yesterday for an ultrasound, doc appointment and an early glucose test.  All of it went really well.  I should know the results of the glucose test by tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that all is well.  My doc isn't too worried though so I'm not sweating it. 
Teagan went with us to the appointment and was such a good girl the entire time! I know she was tired and bored but she was a trooper.  She was able to see the baby on the ultrasound screen but wasn't too sure about it.  She kept giving the ultrasound tech the evil eye because she was messing with "Baby Bear" and she didn't like that too much.  She held my hand almost the entire time waiting to pounce. It was so cute.  Already a good big sister!
We didn't find out what the baby was because this go 'round we have decided not to.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.  I was too focused on seeing the baby, falling in love all over again and keeping Teagan occupied to even think about boy or girl. All I saw yesterday was another miracle I've been chosen to be a part of.  The baby is very healthy and measuring right on target. 

And the moment you've been waiting for....pictures!!