Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dearest Baby Bear

Dearest Baby Bear,
Well, Kiddo, we've hit the halfway mark! I can hardly believe it.  It's all happening so fast this time.  I spend a lot of time chasing after your big sister.  I can't believe this time next year you will be starting to "cruise" and trying to follow her around the house.
A little word of advice for while you're in my "belly belly".  If you hear the screams and the squeals coming from your sister, fear not, it's normal and sometimes annoying but you are sure to go through the phase as well.  Maybe you'll learn from her and not be quite as loud with the squealing. 
Your big sister loves to kiss you.  She kisses and cuddles you through my belly at least 4-5 times a day.  A week or so ago she tried to brush your teeth.  She already loves you.  She might be a little jealous when you come home but I have a feeling she is going to be another "mommy"; wanting to hold you all the time and just love on you (when you aren't crying).   
We went to the doctor last Monday to check on you and finally see your sweet face.  Let's just say I fell in love for the third time in my life.  You are so beautiful and healthy and perfect that I can't wait to hold your sweetness in my arms and show off our second miracle to the world. 
Your daddy bought the wood to start making your dresser and your crib.  I am so excited! He and your Grandpa do such a good job when it comes to making furniture for our family.  Yours will be no exception!
I am still trying to figure out your room.  Since we aren't going to know whether you are a baby girl or baby boy until you make your apperance it's going to be a little hard.  I have 2 ways I am thinking about going with your room but we'll see.  I think once your daddy and I clean out the office (which will be your room) and I have a clean slate I can start really planning.  I can't wait to start finding little special things for your room like I have Teagan's.  I'm sure she will help me pick out a few things for her Baby Bear!
Your movements are getting stronger every week.  This afternoon at work I felt you rolling and dancing in my belly while I was addressing envelopes.  I love just being able to sit and feel for your movements.  I discovered today, while I was the only one in the office, that you like when I sing loudly.  Especially showtunes.  A little something after my own heart already! When I'm home in the evenings, after we've put your big sister to bed, your daddy and I relax on the couch and after I've had my hour with just me and you he comes and cuddles up for his turn.  Hands on my belly just waiting to feel you.  I think he will be able to feel you soon!
We are so in love with you already, Baby Bear.  You are truly going to make our family complete.  A nice even number of 4!

Always & Forever,