Monday, May 9, 2011

17 weeks

Wow, 17 weeks! Time has flown by this go 'round.  We are almost at the half way mark! The belly has really say the least. 

Weight gained: 7-8lbs

Clothing: Wearing the 1 pair of maternity jeans that aren't too big for me.  I did buy a pair of white maternity pants that honestly I should have bought in another color but oh well, they'll come in handy.  I have 3 pairof my jeans that fit.  All of my dresses and most of the shirts fit.  There are a few shirts that the girls no longer fit in but for most part my shirts still fit. 

Sleep: Still good.  A little tossing and turning.  I am worried that my hips are going to kill me like they did with Teagan because they've already started getting sore because I'm sleeping on my sides. 

Mood: Eh, it's starting to kind of taper off.  I think at this point my hormones have started leveling off a little bit which is great.  Especially since Teagan is starting the temper tantrum age.  We might be finding an official time out spot soon.

Cravings: Honestly, not a whole lot.  I've craved random thinks like a sundrop slushy, which I haven't had in years, or wings.  I love milk but I'm not craving it like I did with Teagan.  Thanks to Josh a lot of it has been mind over matter.

My exercise hasn't been even remotely close to what it should be.  Even though chasing around a running 15 month old should count for something.  I'm lucky enough to have girl friends that I'm going to start walking with a few times a week starting tonight! I can't wait! Exercise and girl time! Nothing better!

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