Monday, October 7, 2013

Right. This. Second.

Hey Mama,

You who just had a baby two weeks ago.  That size you were before that sweet babe (or two)? It will come back.  You just grew a child and delivered said child.  Give yourself a break.  Today celebrate that you are beautiful.  Right. This. Second.

You who are in your 30th week of pregnancy and feel like you are bigger than you have ever been and know there is more to come. You are GROWING A HUMAN, please show yourself some grace. You are beautiful. Right. This. Second.

You who just went back to work, just because you ate an extra cookie from the commons area or your afternoon snack before lunch, don't sweat it. Don't you dare beat yourself up.  That one slip up is not going to take away from your beauty.  Because You are beautiful. Right. This. Second.

You who stays at home with your littles or your bigs or both all day long, still got your PJs on? That's okay. You are investing in something precious.  And you know what? You are beautiful.  Right. This Second.

You who just left Target feeling defeated because you're PMSing, bloated, nothing is fitting, and those florescent lights got to you?  Shake it off.  Florescent lights SUCK and you would think if department stores wanted to actually sell clothes they would figure out how to make us feel better not worse.  You are so not alone.  Please remember that 99% of women hate fitting rooms.  Remember that you are beautiful.  Right. This. Second.

You who recently walked your sweet babe down the aisle? You have done an amazing job.  And you? I am pretty sure that you looked beautiful at that big moment.  Pretty sure you are beautiful. Right. This. Second.

This Mama

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