Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2 of 31. Legs.

Oh legs.  My legs have been the catalyst to the distaste of my body for so long.  From a young age through college I was involved in a lot of sports.  I happened to be involved in the sports that required and developed strong thigh muscles.  Now, what I would say in a perfect world is that I was so thankful  for how strong my legs were and how they gave me the ability to do those things.  I am not going to say that because for me it was so far from the truth.  I hated my legs.  They were too big. Even in the midst of an eating disorder they were the only things that would not change.  And I tried...oh how I tried.  There were nights I would draw with markers all over them words that I'm not even gong to repeat.  Around the words I would draw surgical lines like I was going in for some kind of plastic surgery.  Y'all it was bad.

And now, you would expect me to start this next paragraph with the fact that I now love my legs and I've come to develop a newfound appreciation for them.  Well, I'm not.  Because it would only be half true.  I will tell you that I don't hate my legs anymore but we are definitely not bffs.  And another truth I am going to share with you is that the simmering hatred for my legs was still close to knocking the proverbial lid off the pot until last week.  

Those legs.  The ones I don't like really well?  They carried me for 18 miles.  Those thigh muscles that I have loathed for so long?  They allowed me to run those 18 miles.  They allowed me to run 18 miles with a smile. In a tutu. Training for my first marathon.  Allowing me to try and raise money for the Getty Owl Foundation.  So, no, I still look in the mirror and frown a little bit when I see them but I have a whole new appreciation for them.

What is your least favorite part on your body?  Let's figure out together how you can go from hatred to at least being able to stand next to each other on the elevator.  

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