Thursday, August 18, 2011

Book Review! Woohoo!

I actually had time to finish TWO books on the flight to and from San Diego for BlogHer ´11.

The first book I read on the way there was ¨Raising Jake¨ by Charlie Carillo.

This was actually a fairly good book.  It was a coming of age book for both the father and the son.  The book was a little raw but it was really honest.  I do think there were  a few parenting lines that were crossed but it was pertinent to the story.  The idea that it took this long for a father and son to really talk or get to know each other seems like it would hit home with a lot of people.  I have been fortunate to be close enough to my dad that it didn´t take something hard in each of our lives to learn about each other so I wasn´t really able to relate to that idea.  It was nice to see the relationship between two people grow so rapidly when they were honest with themselves and each other.  
I think as parents we do need to filter some of the things we reveal about ourselves but I still think we need to be honest with our children.  If there is not a base of honesty in our relationships with our children then what is there?

So, yes, I would recommend this book.  It was a pretty quick and easy read because there was never really a lull in the storyline so a few hours or a couple of days and you´ll have one more book checked off your reading list! If you add it to your list first! Happy reading!

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