Friday, August 26, 2011

Step Back.

Have you ever just taken a step back and watched? I try to do this on occasion with Josh and Teagan.  When I do I am never disappointed and I always seem to be amazed at what I am looking at.  I have seen my husband change so much over the last few years of us becoming man and wife.  I have seen even more change in him as he has become a father. A daddy.  He has an old soul that comes with a calmness I can only strive for.  He is driven by purpose and a strong need to provide for his family. For me, Teagan and Baby Bear. As Teagan gets older his and her bond get stronger and stronger.  I see a new light in his eyes that never seems to waiver.  It began when he carefully and gently held her for the first time. She was his.  Forever.  With Teagan it is almost as if Josh has a new sense of purpose for his life.  Every bone in my body believes he would go to the ends of the earth and back for her.  I wouldn't want it any other way. 
And Teagan. Oh my sweet Teagan. She loves her daddy with such a sweet innocence that sometimes it's almost surreal.  She knows her daddy's voice, his footsteps and the sound of his car pulling into the garage.  The light in her eyes when she hears the creak of the kitchen door often brings tears to my eyes.  She knows Daddy is home.
As bittersweet as time passing is I still feel a curious anxiety for the time to come.  I anxiously await being able to step back and see just how the bond of father-daughter grows. How their love for each other defies the odds.  No matter what they might be.

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