Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Okay, so I am kind of a closet Biggest Loser, Bob Harper lover.  There. I just came out about it. 
It gets worse. I got to MEET him! Actually, I almost ran into him and got to touch his arm and he said hi to me and I was a babbling idiot that barely got out a ¨hi¨while my eyes took on the ¨crazy eyes¨ look.  (Please read that last sentence incredibly fast and in a hardcore southern accent.)
He was at BlogHer11 and did an early morning yoga class and then ate breakfast with some lucky bloggers.  I was eating breakfast with my Uncle Chuck and my Aunt Lynda. It was a tough call but they are family and hopefully appreciate that I gave up Bob Freakin Harper for them (that was sarcastic- I had a great time with them and an amazing breakfast)!!

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