Sunday, June 24, 2012

Writer's block.

I have writers block. So, I figured some cute pictures (the auto correct just suggested picots, really? what is a picot? I'm not even bothering to look it up.) to tie you all over.  Who can resist cute kids? I mean really? Especially when they are this cute...and yes, I am extremely bias.

Okay, so I remembered there is a story with this picture.  It gives me something to type at least...even when I should probably be typing other things. Anyway, when I was taking this picture Teagan had been kissing the mirror.  I didn't catch her in the act with a camera but I was laughing so hard I really almost pee'd my britches.  I had put her hair in a ponytail and then added the spiral pink and orange hair tie thing and after I said she looked beautiful she started kissing herself in the mirror.  I just watched her wondering who in the world had come and inhabited my child?  Honestly, I always hope she loves herself this much.  Not in a narcissistic way but in a "I am beautifully and wonderfully made" way.  I pray self-confidence continues to ooze (ooze, really?) out of her pores.

And there isn't really a story about the picture of Kyra Mae.  Other than I cannot get over how fast she is growing.  It just feels like a wind rushed through an open window and blew my calendar pages all over the place.  So quickly time is passing by and I feel like I am not capturing it like I should.  I pray daily that sweet Kyra Mae knows how much I love her.  That I pray for her every night while I'm rocking her and feeding her and as I lay her down to sleep.  I pray she knows just because she has to share me it doesn't mean I love her any less.  She is such an amazingly sweet baby, so calm but so adventurous already.  I pray she knows how hard I love her.  How hard I will always love her.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Teagan sings Jesus Loves Me.

Teagan loves to sing to us in the car.  One of her favorite songs to sing is Jesus Loves Me, especially with the help of her bunny.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


When you make plans sometimes life gets in the way of them.  Most often life is going to try and get in the way.  This weekend was mine and Josh's 5th anniversary.  We had plans to go away.  We were going to whisk away to Asheville or Charleston and just be a couple for the weekend.  No schedule, no kids, no having to get up in the middle of the night for one reason or another, no...well, you get the picture.  That didn't happen.  Life got in the way.  Imagine that.
Did I get upset about it?  Yes, a little bit.  I got over it.
I dropped the girls off after work on Friday, with a few less tears than the last time, and headed out for our anniversary weekend "stay cation".  Josh and I ordered a pizza from Dominos (hello! 50% any pizza, so of course we were game) and rented a movie.  We relished being able to watch an entire movie with no interruptions.  A full nights sleep followed.  I can't tell you how amazing that was.  Neither of us have had a full nights sleep in weeks and you could tell it was starting to wear on us.
On Saturday we used a Groupon to the Pewter Rose Bistro for brunch and decided to pretend we were in Charleston.  The weather was unimaginably amazing, we had no difficulty pretending we were in Charleston.  After a relaxed and slow brunch we headed to the farmers' market down the road and walked around, then Josh bought me a bunch of fresh flowers (my favorite).
This weekend was an eye opener for me.  I have been trying to decrease my need for "stuff", to decrease my need for things other than what I have.  I did not allow myself to get upset and angry that we didn't get to whisk away, that we didn't get to drive some 3 hours, get away from our house and our town and enjoy ourselves. We had an amazing time.  We woke up Sunday morning rested and rejuvenated, and all lovey dovey.  Just how we would have been had we gone somewhere.
So, lesson learned.  I look forward to many more "stay cations" with my husband and the girls.  I wouldn't say no to a real one either though.  Just sayin'.      

Monday, June 11, 2012

Friends with awesome green cars.

We have some great friends who we don't get to see nearly enough (HELLO HILDERBRAN'S!). When we do get to go out we have a great time. These are two adorable pictures from our most recent outing.

This day will come TOO soon...*sidenote- don't you love the green car?!?* 
I love the look on her face.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pool time!

We had a chance after we got home the other night to play in the pool.  I got to capture some of the cuteness.  And look how big they are both getting! I don't have babies anymore! 

Treats for the pool!

Good to the last drop!

Nom, Nom, Nommy!

Water logged banana. Yum. 

No, she was not peeing in the pool. 

"Mommy's toes match my pool!"

What's in the bottom of this bucket? 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stomach bug.

I love having the girls in daycare.  I know that might throw some backlash my way but oh, well.  To each mom their own. One of the only down sides to it is similar to school.  SICKNESS.
The stomach bug made it's way to the girls' daycare and who was the first to catch it? Teagan? No. Kyra? No. Mommy? Yes.
For Kyra and I it was literally just a 24 hour bug with about a day of "recovery finally feel all better time" although, Kyra's bug pulled an ear infection along with it so she's on meds now.  Thankfully she had no symptoms other than a cough we took her in for today.
It hit Teagan a little harder.  She is still suffering a little bit today from it.  She doesn't have a fever or anything but her system is still getting cleaned out and it's starting to get sore.  My heart aches for her.  She cries every time her body "cleans itself out".  All I could think of doing today was soaking her in water as much as possible.  So, we had some pool time and some tub time today.  I really hope that helps and it's not as bad tomorrow.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oh the things she does...

A few weeks ago Josh gave Teagan a set of keys to use in her car outside.  We got in a hurry cleaning up and trying to get the girls situated that we forgot about them.   A a few days later Josh couldn't find them.  We just assumed they'd been dropped in the yard, or left in the car and one of the neighborhood kids had grabbed them.  He wasn't too happy but he couldn't really blame Teagan, he'd given her the keys!
Last week we were finishing up dinner and all of a sudden we hear a cackle.  Not a giggle, not even just a laugh.  A pure cackle. 
"Daddy! Daddy! I found your keys!"- Teagan
"Where were they, Little Bear?" -Daddy
"In my pocket book, Daddy! That's where keys go!"-Teagan

Oh the things she does...

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Father's Day Fun!

Megan, over at Banners at the Cheap, came to me with an awesome offer to share with you all! Father's Day is right around the corner, cookouts will be planned and what better to way to tell Daddy that you love him than have a big banner saying it?!?
They are offering a great deal.  Just pay shipping and get a free banner.  Did you get that part? FREE BANNER. Just go to this specific link and it will make sure your banner shows up as free and you only pay shipping!  Happy Father's Day planning!