Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kyra Mae at 2 months

2 whole months! 
Kyra Mae weighs a little over 10 lbs.  Not sure how much over 10 but I'm sure she is almost to 11!  Kyra is around 23-24 inches long and skinny like her daddy! She is a Reid through and through!
Kyra is in size 1 diapers still and probably will be for a while.
*speaking of diapers Kyra HATES to be wet and has a regular pooping schedule of 3 days. Yeah, the girl only poops every 3 days.  It doesn't bother her and it comes out normal so the doc said no prob. We'll go with it...
*loves the light and the fan! She also loved her some Christmas lights! She zones out staring at them!
*She has started the "Ah-goos" and talking more and more.  She loves chatting up with me during her diaper changes.
*Gave us her first her non-gas smile around 1 month and is starting to smile more and more.
*Has the text book "maaamaaa" scream when she's hungry.
*Gets the hiccups at least three times a day.  We have grown to hate the hiccups in this family.
*Loves taking a bath and looking at and playing with Teagan while she does.  Teagan helps me keep her warm and wash her feet. 
*Eats around every 3 hours and has started going 5-8 hours a night.
*She could still care less about being swaddled and has started wiggling out of it occasionally but it helps her sleep so we'll keep doing it. 
*Is great in the mornings! She chit chats with me while I brush my teeth and wash my face.
*We're still working on the paci. She will take it but sometimes it takes a little convincing. Slowly but surely.
*Josh has given her the first bottle and she did really well.
*Not a big fan of being in the car seat unless she is alseep.  That makes car rides and shopping a little difficult.  She is okay for awhile but once she's done she is done. 
*can lift her head up and bob it up and down.  She has amazing head control for her age. I think it's her adapting to trying to keep up with watching what Teagan is doing.
*Gets cranky around 10ish in the morning and then again around 6-8ish at night.  The only thing that will usually settle her down at this time is bobbing.  lots of bobbing.
*She is a serious cat napper in the mornings.  She takes a few 20-30 minute naps until around 12:30-1ish and then I swaddle her and she naps for 2-3 hours.  
*Loves the moby wrap for walks.  since we don't have a double stroller yet she goes in the moby and Teagan goes in the stroller. it works!
We're still learning the ins and outs of our new norm as a family of four.  Thankfully, Kyra's sweet nature is helping us through it.