Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stroller running. Not. Happening. Just sayin.

You know those women who come whizzing pass you on your run pushing the jogging stroller with three kids in it?  I will never be one of those women. NEVER.
I tried.  Trust me, I tried.  When we first had Teagan I declared I was going to be that mom.  The one in the cute running pants and bright pink tank top pushing my baby while running.  Come to find out I am most definitely not that mom.
Two reasons come to mind when figuring out why I'm not the stroller pushing running mom.  First, I really need my arms to run.  I cannot run to save my life, well maybe if it was life or death I could, without moving my arms.  I take that back, I can run without moving my arms but it's really uncomfortable and then I end up running looking like a half turtle half penguin. Get the visual. It's not pretty.  Second reason.  Running is my time.  I love my husband and my girls but running is just for me.  Time to think my thoughts and pound out my frustrations on the pavement.  Now, when I am running I do think of my family and how one day the girls and I might run together.  I think about sweet Getty who I run to raise money for in the races I participate in.  I think about her mom, Kate, who I hope to go for a run one day with while Josh and Mark watch the girls.  The three girls that will most definitely be in tutus while they play. 
No matter the reason I run or how hard I might have tried I will never be a stroller pushing running mom and I am a-ok with that.

*Speaking of running. If you're going to be in the California area and like to run or walk you should check this out! It's on my birthday and it hurts my heart I won't be able to run it this year DEFINITELY!

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