Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting crafty with it!

Occasionally I get these "crafty urges" that make me want to do. do. do.  I've recently had one of those urges and I've had a few projects in the making or in my head that I've wanted to try and do before I go back to work.  Well, that happens next Tuesday. Crunch time began two days ago. 
Here's three of the things on my list:

1) Teagan's name sign (eventually I'll make Kyra's as well.  one at a time!)  All I have left to do is paint one more letter, hot glue it on and then hang it on the wall.  I finally got the orange for the N today.  I went to paint and hot glue and I CAN'T FIND MY HOT GLUE GUN. Currently, I've texted one of my sweet and crafty friends (the one who went with me today to get the stuff) to see if I can borrow hers.  I'm not sweating it though! Here is what the sign looks like right now...I'll do a "how to" once I'm completely finished with the project.  You'll never guess whats behind the fabric!

2) I've wanted to make Teagan a bow holder for a while now but now that Kyra's here I obviously need to make two of them.  Why not now? So, I went out and got ribbon and cute little critters to go at the top today.  Again. No. Hot. Glue. Gun.  These are the critters and ribbon colors I'm using.  Teagan's is the owl and Kyra's is the frog. 

3) We've had these picture frames FOREVER, like as long as we've been married.  You know a whole almost five years.  Anyway the plan was to put pictures in them from places we'd been.  I'm usually awesome at taking pictures.  Not so good at getting them printed so they've had the pictures they came with in them for awhile.  There are two have are mine in the frame on the other side of the window.  That is as far as I've gotten.  I decided until I got my rear in gear I'd just put paper in them.  I plan on doing that today because all that requires is scissors not a hot glue gun. 

Are there projects you have in the making but need to get your rear in gear? I'd love to hear about them..  Maybe the crafty vibes will help me find my hot glue gun...

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