Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas goodies

Just sharing a small glimpse into our Christmas before I type the super fun stuff about the girls.  Have you ever gotten a present that makes you just want to jump up and go do or play right away? Something simple? Like NEW RUNNING CLOTHES!?!
Josh got me new running clothes for Christmas. I haven't been able to run since March because I was busy being pregnant and having a baby and stuff so I am so excited to start running again.  In celebration of that Josh got me new running clothes.  It was all I had not to leave Josh with the girls, yes on Christmas morning, throw on my shoes and new clothes and go out for a run.
Alas, I put my big girl-mommy panties on and waited for everybody else to finish opening and started playing with the girls and their new toys.  Even though I kept glancing at those new running clothes...