Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa picture FAIL.

I knew it would be one of those pictures where I had at least one of two of my girls screaming and crying.  Traumatized for possibly life by sitting on Santa's lap for a picture.  They didn't even get to see Santa.  We tried though, boy did we try!
Josh was working on the Friday before Christmas and so my mom came to help out with the girls.  We were going to surprise everybody and have the girls picture taken with Santa in the dresses Grandma (Josh's mom) made them for Christmas.  We got to the mall and found Santa.  The line was crazy, of course, so we went to eat first thinking if we came back it would be a little better.  We came back and there were two lines.  One line that would definitely see Santa and the other line who might get to see Santa before lunch.  Guess which line we were in? That would be correct, the one that MIGHT get to see Santa.  We were assured that it would probably happen since we were the first ones in the second line.  They toyed with us a few times and finally we thought we were getting through.  They opened the rope and let us go through only to be blocked by yet another of those blue velvet barricades.  They had twenty-five minutes to get twelve people through before they let us on the other side of that rope.  The sweet but bad news-bearing old man told us "Santa goes to lunch at one o'clock and won't be back until two.  Since you're the first in line you'll get to see Santa as soon as he gets back".  I just looked at him and smiled.  The minutes ticked by and my mom and I slowly realized we weren't going to make it.  Standing there another hour with a restless toddler and an almost two month old who was sure to get hungry in the next thirty minutes.  My heart sank but a decision was made.  Next year we are giving Teagan and Kyra the "day off" from daycare, I'm taking the day off and we are going with my mom to have the girls pictures made with Santa on a random Tuesday at 9:30 in the morning.  See if we have to wait in line then...