Thursday, December 22, 2011

Amazed by God's timing.

I thought about not posting this.  Mainly because if I tell you where we go to church then you know the area we live in.  Then, I thought about how wrong it would be not to post this.  We were led to our church, Exodus, by my former pastor.  It was the perfect fit and we've been attending almost two years.  It's hard to believe hasn't been even two years.  We've made amazing friends and from the first few Sundays we just clicked and everything fell into place for us there.  It's a place we don't shy away from calling home.
There is a sense of community at Exodus that I've never felt anywhere else.  You miss a Sunday and you get at least one text or call asking where you were.  Not in a "you suck because you missed a Sunday" kinda way but in a genuine "hey, we missed you" kind of way.  Community is a big part of what Exodus is about and we love being a part of it. 
Just an example of the type of community I'm talking about as well as God's timing.  I posted about suffering from postpartum depression the other day.  For the first time I allowed my feelings to be put out there and I was finally honest with myself.  A mere four hours after I'd posted that specific post I got a call from a very kind woman who also attends Exodus.  After talking and praying with her on the phone Josh got a call from her husband just to check in and offer him support as well.  Some people might find this invasive and maybe a few years ago I would have but not anymore.  I now see it as somebody who genuinely cares.  Our pastor, Brian, follows my tweets as do several other friends from Exodus and so he saw my tweet with my post enclosed.  My post set him into action and like I said, God's timing is hilarious and perfect.