Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's seriously the simple things these days that make me happy. Sure, there are things I want for Christmas that I will have to wait YEARS before I can call mine but for now the simple things will do.  Honestly, I probably prefer them...
Like every night when Josh crawls into bed next to me.  Somehow our feet always find each other. Whether I'm all the way asleep or still half awake waiting on Kyra to stir our feet touch and lock for the night.  When I get back in bed from feeding her in the mornings our feet find their way to each other all over again.  When we bring Teagan to bed on Saturday morning's, because none of us want to get up yet and Kyra is still sleeping, our feet find each other on either side of Teagan.  Almost as if they complete a circle of protection.  We made this and she's ours.  We can't wait until Kyra is old enough to come in that circle and cuddle up with us on Saturday mornings.  Then our circle will be complete.  It's comforting and amazing.  It's simple.

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